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The Beatitudes present a model of happiness contrary to what is usually communicated by the media and by the prevailing wisdom.

Today, what is glorified is success at any cost, affluence, the arrogance of power and self-affirmation at the expense of others. According to the logic of this world, those whom Jesus proclaimed blessed are regarded as useless, “losers”.


“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”                                                                                                                             Matthew 5:3


It seems confusing because we ought to strive to be rich in spirit, not poor.

At a time when so many people are suffering as a result of the financial crisis, it might seem strange to link poverty and happiness.  How can we consider poverty a blessing? Does Jesus teach material poverty? Jesus is here talking about the condition of the spirit, not of the wallet.

Jesus loves everybody. Jesus wants to bless everyone, so why would he single out the economically poor for some kind of special blessing?

Economic poverty and sociological poverty often overlap, but not always.  There are the “sociological poor”; these include people who are marginalized and oppressed, rendered vulnerable and given over to all sorts of hardships for reasons not of their own making. They are deprived the basic dignities which should be accorded all human beings–and it their spirits are often crushed, they are often broken-hearted, as a result.

It goes far beyond merely keeping the commandments: trying to gain eternal life. It’s undergoing a profound change in all of our attitudes, our value system, to really come to know Jesus, to hear His message, to imitate His way of life, to follow Him. That will require profound conversion.


Jesus is talking more about an attitude, a way of knowing one’s need for God, which is a disposition of the heart and not simply economic deprivation.

“When you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind. Blessed indeed will you be because of their inability to repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”                                                                                        Luke 14:13-14

We understand that material goods are not a be-all and end-all for anyone, or should not be. We understand that we need enough to have a full human life, but we don’t need excess. We understand that God made the world for all and not just for a few, and so we need to find ways to share the goods of the earth and the goods of our world so everyone has a chance for a full human life.

The poor in spirit are those who recognize their total spiritual destitution and their complete dependence on God. So that the logic of being more will prevail over that of having more!

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.                                                                                                                              Matthew 5:3


Matthew takes a different tack on the same question.

This is the opposite of arrogance. In its deepest form, it acknowledges our desperate need for God. Jesus is declaring that it is a blessing to recognize our need to be filled by God’s grace. We don’t have the spiritual resources in ourselves to put Jesus’ teachings into practice. We can’t fulfill God’s call by ourselves. Man is a beggar before god.

Let’s unwrap this fully.

First of all, if we are to live by this Beatitude, all of us need to experience a conversion in the way we see the poor.  We have to care for them and be sensitive to their spiritual and material needs.

The second point – the poor are not just people to whom we can give something.  They have much to offer us and to teach us.  How much we have to learn from the wisdom of the poor!  The widow who gave her last two coins to the temple treasury is an example of the generosity of all those who have next to nothing and yet give away everything they have.  (Luke 21:1-4)

Thirdly, we repeat: we must try to be free with regard to material things.  The Lord calls us to a Gospel lifestyle marked by sobriety, by a refusal to yield to the culture of consumerism. Wealth ensures nothing. Indeed, once we think we are rich, we can become so self-satisfied that we leave no room for God’s word, for the love of our brothers and sisters, or for the enjoyment of the most important things in life. Ironically, it is a tragic thing to see a young person who “has everything”, but is weary and weak.


Saint Teresa of Calcutta clearly realized this: “Yes, I have many human faults and failures… But God bends down and uses us, you and me, to be His love and His compassion in the world; He depends on us to love the world and to show how much He loves it. If we are too concerned with ourselves, we will have no time left for others”.

Hedonism and consumerism can prove our downfall, for when we are obsessed with our own pleasure, we end up being all too concerned about ourselves and our rights, and we feel a desperate need for free time to enjoy ourselves.

We will find it hard to feel and show any real concern for those in needs, unless we are able to cultivate certain simplicity of life.

In the end, we are offered the promise of a different life, a healthier and happier life.

Do you struggle for justice, because you take seriously your commitment to God and to others?


Vassula Reydon received a host of messages from God, which she compiled in her notebooks, called True Life in God. The following excerpt come from her conversations with Jesus:

“Divine Works are beyond human understanding; many souls do not respond to My Works for these souls seldom want to change.”

 “These souls are attached to the world, to what is material; even though they call themselves spiritual, they are not, since they cling on what they see with their physical eyes and touch with their body; they are stubborn, living aridly; their heart will not open to let My Divinity pour into them.”   

The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. ”                                                                                   1 Corinthians 2:14

“Yes, there are many factors that obstruct them from dwelling in My Light; I have said and will repeat again and again these very important words: “anyone who does not welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child, will never enter it”; be innocent, believe in a child-like-faith, then My Divine Light will encompass you and you, like a flower, will face the sun and open, allowing My Light to pour in you.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Message to Vassula:  May 16, 1988

“Remember My Presence; do you know how much I desire this meditation upon My Presence? My Presence is also a very important Mystery that most of you seem to forget; meditate on My Presence; children, whom I love with an everlasting love, please Me by remembering My actual Presence; train yourselves by using these words, we, us, you and I, I and you, us; include Me in your activities, in your discussions and in your thoughts; respect My Presence, never forgetting that I am the Holy One; by remembering Me, you will sin less knowing and remembering that I Am with you.”  October 24, 1988

So God would want you to concentrate more on Him. Conversing with God is Prayer.  One can make this more of a reality by speaking in terms of weandus“, to show that one is united to God daily: “we are one.”  When you have a coffee, you have coffee for two. It is always “we” or “us” who are having coffee.            

“I enjoy sharing My plans with you; this Work is not yours but Mine; I just need your will and your consent to complete My Work; are you still willing to remain the instrument of My desires?”                                                                                                                       Message to Vassula:   June 17, 1994

To be holy as God is holy is to be holy with the very holiness of God Himself. The holiness of God descends and God unites Himself to each one so that the very powers of the soul (understanding and will) are in perfect union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God wants a special relationship with you all. He wants you all to come to know Him personally as your Friend who loves to spend time with you every day. How important it is to come to prayer every day!

Ask from your heart for the Gift of Piety (HOLINESS) and you shall obtain it … that my thoughts turn into Your Thoughts, my acts into Your Acts which are all pure and divine.

Ask for the Spirit of Fear (Reverence) to discipline you into keeping My Name Holy. Let My Spirit robe you with honor and reverence … Learn to bow your head low so that I may be seen; learn to lower your voice so that you may begin to hear My Voice and discover My intentions, My desires and My Will; learn to raise your voice only in praise for My Glorious Presence; learn to raise your head only in search of Me and of what is heavenly.



Live as a Christian to a Heroic Degree.

“I love you.

I call you all, My friends, to strive for holiness. Some think that only a few are called to be holy while in fact you are all called. Holiness can be found only in following Me. Let My Will be done in you as perfectly as possible and live humbly relying on Me for all your needs. You have to be vested with My holiness and I have to be formed in you.

  • Holiness is exemplified especially by love without resentment whatsoever towards any person.
  • It also means that you are ready to forgive those who hurt you in any way.
  • It is also shown by humility, self-forgetfulness, and a readiness to help others.
  • A holy person is always conscious that he or she lives in My presence and often speaks to Me.

Do not be conformed to the world with its empty pleasures and vices, but walk with Me in faithfulness and truth.

Do everything, even the least, with much love. The secret of holiness is to develop a strong bond of love with Me and to do everything out of love for Me.

Do not compromise with sin but ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to weed sin out of your life. Habits of sin cannot be overcome by your own power. You are helpless against these. Only the power of the Spirit in you can break this diabolical hold on you. He will set you free from your prison.

Many are imprisoned by habits of lying, gossiping, sexual gratification and perversion, excessive drinking and drugs, addicted to smoking, gambling and many more.

Go to those that can bring the power of the Holy Spirit upon you, and you will be free. I love you.”

The above messages came to Father Melvin Doucette:

Fr. Melvin Doucette was ordained to the priesthood on and joined the Missionaries of Africa for 29 years in Africa. In contemplative prayer every morning, Fr. Doucette receives by interior locution “messages from heaven” to share with the public.




God divinely inspired the BIBLE . How do we know? Each of eight accurate predictions  show a high probability mathematically. The probability of one individual fulfilling eight prophecies have odds of 1 in 10 17  (1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000). Jesus Christ fulfilled all prophecies, therefore the Bible MUST BE TRUE. 


The Old Testament indicates another 40 astonishing predictions.


Christianity experiences stunning growth—from approximately 3.8 million adherents in China in 1956 to an estimated 87 to 100 million Christians today.


In the end, one Christian conversion will benefit the whole family.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit of healing and deliverance will help the whole family. A prayer of deliverance of evil spirits will leave any member of the family with a complete sense of peace immediately. A prayer of healing from a Christian disciple produces 80% healing. The remaining healing comes from continued prayer of praise and thanksgiving until all the healing is complete. This healing comes from the Holy Spirit through the power in the Name of Jesus Christ.  No other god or deity or doctor uses this power. This proves the TRUTH OF CHRISTIANITY. 

Christianity and Hinduism Differences


Christianity is not a philosophy, but it is  a relationship with God, your Creator,  in Christ TODAY. It is not knowledge of abstract principles.  How do we know this? Healing takes place TODAY in the Name of Jesus Christ. 



 Many Christian disciples use the gift of healing.  They also use deliverance to deliver away evil spirits influencing people. These evil spirits cause depression, addictions and illness through all forms of stress.  Only the Name of Jesus Christ makes healing and deliverance possible.Chinese Religion God



Jesus is alive today! He heals today (through His followers) and in many cases it is realized immediately. How else can you explain the explosion of Christianity, the world’s largest religion, on earth: 2.2 billion adherents, nearly a third (31 percent) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth. 

Christians know and feel His Presence; they communicate with Him personally; Christian prayers are always answered.

This author has been given the Gift of Healing only because he is a Christian Lay Missionary, who travels  two to three places every year. On his last trip to Columbia he successfully transferred his Gift to his Spanish translators, who were able to heal as he did. He has healed Muslims to their great surprise.

He also delivers away evil spirits along with their healing. All those who are delivered from evil spirits feel a complete physical  sense of peace.


God can give a message to those non-Christians to change their heart.  God knows faith will be developed eventually. God will come to you in the form of dreams or visions. So be sensitive to any dreams or visions, when you ask God for it earnestly.



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