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The most significant type of anger influencing the development of homosexual attraction in childhood is anger with oneself. As a result of ongoing rejections by peers, many boys acquire an intense dislike for their bodies and view them as weak, unattractive and unmasculine. This can lead to highly risky and self destructive addictive and sadomasochistic behavior for an intense dislike of them. One can also become obsessed with the bodies of one’s peers who are well-built and muscular. The ultimate expression of self-hatred and aversion to one’s body is seen in those who undergo sex change surgery.


Intense hatred is seen in homosexuals within the media or in the educational, political, ministerial and mental health fields when they attempt to force our culture to change its views on homosexuality. They direct their anger against the Judeo-Christian morality, the nuclear family and the basic differences between men and women.

A homosexual can grow to hate his body as small and weak. In spiritual therapy, his healing can progress by being thankful for his body that God gave him by viewing his soul as much more important as the body and by being thankful for his special male gifts.


The sexually compulsive, highly reckless and life-threatening behavior in a large percentage of homosexuals would indicate the presence of an addictive disorder. While the specific diagnostic category of sexual addiction has not been officially accepted, yet in the mental health field, clinical programs exist for such treatments along with journals of sexual addiction.


In spite of the danger of acquiring AIDS, enormous numbers of males do not protect themselves sexually. One study identified 31% of respondents in sixteen cities had engaged in unprotected sex. One article, “Why Gay Men are having Risky Sex” described the situation as explained and claimed that HIV infections had quadrupled in San Francisco since 1987. In many individuals this behavior is frequently preceded by the use of alcohol and drugs. This situation existed for some because of numerous emotional conflicts.



Narcissism or selfishness is another major factor influencing the attraction to the homosexual lifestyle. There is a tendency to not have to make a total commitment to one person. This behavior is almost childlike because it leads to minimal obligations in relationships and few limitations in the pursuit of pleasure. Continue reading HOMOSEXUAL ANGER

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Let’s face it: the person of Jesus Christ does not have the place in our lives that He ought to have. Could it be that we have not yet really understood what it is to be a Christian?

A pagan or natural religion is a religion of code or cult. People realize that someone else created this world before us here and so they ask about the ground rules or a moral code. They realize that they must express some acknowledgement and gratitude of this “someone else” or Creator.  And so a cult is born. The American Indian would hold up slice of a slain animal to someone above as recognition of God. This is a cult.

Let us ask whether Christianity is more than this? We know as Christians that Jesus died to redeem us. Do we truly understand what it means to be “redeemed”? Our Lord’s death on the cross did not just change the Father’s attitude to us, but it did something very profound to us.

Christ died so that we might change, interiorly, in the very core of our being. Because we are redeemed, we are now called, and able, to think as men have never thought before, to evaluate things in this world in a way that overturns all previous standards of judgment , to act in ways that are as far beyond what we usually understand by “morality”:

We are ready to lead a new life and to share what we call a life of grace: a sharing in Christ’s life, that is His thinking, His choosing, His appreciating, His knowledge and loving and suffering and rejoicing here on earth – right here and now and not only sharing His joy fully and forever in heaven.

So is our religion a matter of morality and doing the right thing in order to get to heaven: a code or cult Christianity? Or is it a search for communion with the mind and heart of Christ? You need to have a deeper understanding of the Lawmaker. You must think beyond your channel of reasoning. You must be aware of the revelation of God speaking through the Scriptures.

Do you think that the challenge will be too much for you?



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