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From 1948 until today several wars took place between the State of Israel and the neighboring Arab Countries, and in each war the Israelis were successful, and the Arab countries were the losers, and in each of these wars the fighting power of the Palestinians was diminished bit by bit. Even now the Arab Countries were and are still afraid to fight Israel with its 200 atomic devices ready to be launched by air or by missiles.

Any nation other than the Palestinians would have ceased the hostilities and accepted the fait accompli, but not the Palestinians, because they have faith in the righteousness of their struggle.

In order to finish with the problem of Palestine the Israeli State reverted to methods of harassment and suppression with an eventual transfer of the Palestinians to the Neighboring Arab Countries.



The Lebanese Civil war that lasted 18 years brought Hezbollah to the forefront of the Lebanese political and military power. In the year 2000 the last Israeli soldier left Lebanon, and Hezbollah entered the Lebanese Parliament and became a Political Party.

In 2005, the Maronite Patriarch urged President Chirac and George Bush (the son) to help Lebanon in getting the Syrians out of Lebanon. The Syrian Forces were invited by the Lebanese Government as well as by the Arab League to help “pacify the situation” in Lebanon resulting in the civil war 1975-1993.

As a consequence Resolution 1559 of the UN calling for Syria to withdraw its forces as well as its intelligent services and to disarm Hezbollah as well as the Palestinian Refugee camps in Lebanon. Syria complied with Resolution 1559.




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We have to see ordinary things with new eyes, if we wish to see God through His works. We are all small beggars in God’s eyes; all our important projects and deadlines are mere trifles.



The Bible reveals that the whole household of Israel, the Jewish race, would one day come to Christ after the full number of Gentiles comes in.” The watchman on the wall will not be given any rest until he establishes Jerusalem and makes it praise on the earth: “Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, and in this way all Israel will be saved.”                                                                                                                         Romans 11:25, 26


“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”                                                         Isaiah 62:6, 7



The Fifth Diaspora was the greatest. It happened immediately after the revolt of Bar Kokhva in 135 AD. All the Jews in Palestine were forced to leave the land. A few of them remained in small pockets in Safad, Tiberias, and Yabneh. No Jew was even allowed to set foot in Jerusalem.

All the European Jewry who adopted the “German rite” synagogue ritual, were called Ashkenazim in order to distinguish them from the Jews of Spain who were referred to as “Sephardim”, the Spanish rite Jews

Nowadays 80% of the Jews in the World are Ashkenazim, they increased in America, a country of freedom and opportunities. In the late 20th Century the Ashkenazim worldwide number around 11,000,000, In Israel however, the Sephardim and the Askkenazim are about equal in number,

The Sephardim worldwide are about 1,000,000. Three quarters of them live in Israel. The Jews in Spain, having no military service to do, became: merchants, jewelers, gold and silver encrusters, arms manufacturers, tree planters, especially olives and citrus fruits.

They also dealt in finances, and had ample time to study medicine, Arabic to improve their Hebrew which they started to lose. They became secretaries to the rulers, and adapted Arab poetry, music and singing. For this reason, Sephardic Judaism became more tolerant, more humane, more poetic, more hopeful and less belligerent that the Ashkenazi (German) Judaism of Central and Eastern Europe.

Of all the nations of East Europe Poland was the only one who welcomed Jews. The other nations accepted them reluctantly. The Jews in Poland thrived and developed the economy. Unfortunately Poland was divided among Russia, Austria, and Prussia, Its boundaries changed every now and then every time Poland was occupied by foreign powers Jews were displaced according to the whims of the conquerors.

The Jews in Europe were forced out of France by King Philip Augustus in 1189 in order to recuperate the lands of the Christian Knights that were mortgaged to Jews for cash needed to fight in the Crusades, likewise in England the Jews were expelled in 1290 for the same reason, yet the Jews were readmitted in France in 1192, by the same Philip Augustus when he regulated their banking business and kept a part for himself.

Many Jews living in the Levant came back to Palestine. Of course, they were a minority in a sea of Arabs who tolerated them, for their industries and trade.

A hundred years after the victory of Saladin some 300 Rabbis who were expelled from England resettled in Palestine as well, and was the very first nucleus of Ashkenazi Jews in Palestine.

Because of the harsh life in day to day life in the Pale, the western region of Imperial Russia,  some two million Jews immigrated to the United States bringing with them their Ashkenazi tradition.



Zionism is an offshoot of politicized Judaism. Its roots run deep in the history of the Jewish people. Continue reading JEWISH CHRISTIANS

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The Fertile Crescent was inhabited by very early settlers who came from the deserts of Arabia, intermarried with the local evolved Homo sapiens.

The reason for their coming was the draught that affected the main Arabian Peninsula with the retreat of the of the ice sheets that were covering the Mountains of Lebanon, Armenia, Turkey, Northern Iraq and most of Europe.

The Last Glaciation period created important rivers in the Fertile Crescent, The Euphrates and the Tigris in Iraq, the Jordan River in Palestine, the Orontes in Syria and many other small rivers.

The first culture in the Fertile Crescent was the Natufian Culture in Palestine about 9000 BC.

The Natufians were gatherers-hunters, they knew the wheat, which they did not grow but which they used to harvest.

It took the Natufians 3000 years to experiment in agriculture, domesticate animals, and leave their cave dwellings and start gathering themselves into small villages, cultivating crops, and producing pottery. Around the 40th Century BC, new people the Ghassulians, came to Palestine probably from the North East between 3800-3350 BC, which corresponds to the early Bronze Age.

These town dwellers could be identified as Semites. They were called, however, in the second millennium BC as Canaanites. These people were dwelling in present day

Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, were called by the Greeks “Phoenicians,” and it stuck all over. Canaanites and Phoenicians are the same people. Continue reading EARLY PALESTINE HISTORY  

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Muslim Arabs entered Palestine in 638 AD and lost their political independence in 1258 AD when Hulagu Khan destroyed and massacred the people of Baghdad, Damascus, Aleppo and Jerusalem.

Both Arabs and Jews ruled Palestine independently for over 600 years, which make them equal historically speaking in the ownership and political ruler ship of the Land

When the Zionist Jews declare to the world that they have the right to return to their old country Israel/Judea, because they have been living in it 613 years before Christ as a politically independent nation, the Arabs also have the right to remain.


Islam zionist

The British Mandate deported most of the members of the Arab Higher Committee in 1937 to Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. In 1936 a Royal Commission ordered the Partition of Palestine into a Jewish state comprising 33% of the country, including Haifa, Galilee and the coastal plain of Ishdud. A British mandatory enclave would include Jerusalem. The fate of the Palestinian Population living in the Jewish state should be transferred by force if necessary from the Jewish State to Transjordan. There was no Palestinian State to be established on Palestinian lands. This became clear for all to see. Continue reading ZIONISM AND ISLAM

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