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A  Testimony of Healing and Deliverance

Our Christian mission involved five missionaries who traveled on a 1550 km trip by car as far as Chisasabi located on the east coast of James Bay on the Grand Riviere. As a Catholic, this was the first time that I witnessed deliverance, healing and God’s total presence.

ten million angels Chisasibi

We were told from Cynthia Elias, another missionary, who has the gift of prophecy, that we would be given the protection of ten million ministering angels. Now you say, that is much too surreal to grasp. Yet, as the trip unfolded and all of our mission goals had been reached, I personally wondered whether we were still under angelic protection.

Does not God protect His beloved with His angels?

We stayed in Chisasabi for only two days during Pentecost and we knew no one. One native secretary, Mary Snowboy, at the building that housed the auditorium (“which became our church”) was the first to learn about our short visit. She immediately told her father to visit “the Christians” at our hotel.

Joseph Snowboy had a distorted grimace on his face when he knocked on our door to ask for prayers. The pastor, who has the gift of deliverance, “delivered” Joseph, which was climaxed by a sudden thrust backwards on the bed on which he was sitting. He emerged with the glow like an altar boy. This was my first exposure to deliverance.

ten million angels deliveranceWas this divine appointment not instrumental in beginning my own role for deliverance?

There were two healing evening sessions, which was advertised on the local radio station. The Cree community quickly volunteered their musical talents because we had a professional sounds system, which really made them sound great in the auditorium.

My favourite story was the goose story. Two month previous the Lord spoke to Cynthia Elias, and she was told to travel on May 19, 2010 to which the contact in Chisasbi replied that this was a bad date because it was goose-hunting time.ten million angels prophecy

Does not God speak orally to some of His missionaries?

The Lord told Cynthia that the geese would be plentiful, but only after we left.  On the day before we left, I saw hunters unload their decoys looking very dejected. On the day we left, there was a low-pressure area very close to Chisasabi, which would have caused the geese to fly low in order to see land under the clouds.

ten million angels geese Did God not arrange for the geese to come at a predetermined time?

Every native who came forward was healed and delivered from evil spirits. One lady had a pain in the area of her abdomen, and the pain would continue to drop down toward her uterus. She admitted to having an abortion. The pain was removed with a prayer of healing by the pastor!

ten million angels healingWas this divine appointment not the beginning of my own role for healing?

A request came from a deacon of the Anglican Church to come and see a boy who was visibly possessed. I told him to bring the boy to the auditorium where we were ministering.

When they arrived, the boy refused to enter by shouting and holding on to the door jams of the auditorium. The demons would not let him enter a sacred place, which had previously been anointed.

ten million angels anointing Was this not a demonstration of the power of anointing?

The boy was ministered in the hallway for 15 minutes, while being held by both parents with no success. In desperation, the pastor commanded the possessed spirit to tell his name in the name of Jesus Christ.

It was only at the end of the evening in the parking lot, he cried “Tupak forever”. (Tupak was a demonic rap dancer who had died prematurely.) Then his father took off his Tupak belt (which was protecting evil spirits), and with a prayer of deliverance he received a sense of peace after only a few minutes from a prayer of deliverance.  We learned afterwards that he returned to a normal young boy in the community.

Was this not evidence that the evil spirits must respond to a Christian in the name of Jesus Christ?

On one of the pit stops on our way back, an unusually large yellow butterfly flew among us while we were chatting alongside the van. It landed in our midst and stayed there for a very long instant as we gawked in amazement. At the next pit stop, another similar butterfly passed through the open front doors of our van: I had my answer.

ten million angels butterfly Did God not arrange for this message of thanks using butterflies?





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